Food Scraps

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Commercial Food Scrap Collection

(aka Organics Management Services)

We provide commercial food scrap collection for businesses throughout Vermont. We’ve created a process that is easy to implement, is cost-effective, and harnesses the scraps for their highest and best use.  Our trucks collect quality food to be diverted back to our food stream, food that has nutritional benefit for animals, food scraps that create healthy compost at hauling_truckthe Grow Farm while some will feed Vermont Tech’s state-of-the-art anaerobic digester, generating renewable thermal energy and electricity.

To sign up for Grow Compost’s Food Scrap Hauling Services please email us at

Our Collection Services include:

Site Assessment: an in-person evaluation of the operations around your collection needs, enabling us to propose collection services tailored to your business.

Proposal: our recommendation for services and associated costs for you to review

Training: In-person training services and educational materials are provided to key participants for easy program implementation.

Containers: When you are ready to implement GROW’s Collection Services, we provide sturdy totes on wheels in the location and volume you require. Totes are then collected on a regular schedule and always replaced clean.

Food Scrap Drop-Off

Bring your food scraps and clean lawn debris to our Residential Food Scraps bins at no cost to you. Who knows, maybe the next batch of compost you pick up from us will contain nutrients from that apple core you dropped off last year! (Read the press release) We’ll accept the following types of organic waste from you:

Food Scraps: vegetables, meats, dairy, oils, coffee, and prepared


Farm Residuals: manures, hay, silage
Lawn Waste: clean leaves and chipped wood

Group Composting & Event Composting

So much effort goes into a successful composting operation. You could say it takes a village! For example, all Washington County schools – from elementary to high schools — participate in composting with us. Kids learn how to sort their organic waste at mealtime and bring the organic matter to us. They then visit us at the farm to experience the rest of the composting cycle and see the finished compost.

Are you part of a group that creates organic waste? Let’s work together on diverting those scraps and harnessing the energy and nutrients within.


As knowledgeable as Vermonters are about sustainable food systems, composting is still new to many people. Educating children and adults alike about the importance and benefits of composting is an important part of our mission. Want to tour our operations and see what goes into making the best compost around? Let us know and we’ll be happy to give your group a tour and share what we know.

We also host educational workshops around composting and gardening.