Other Food Scrap Programs

Written by Lisa Ransom |
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Grow Compost: Other Services

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Bring your food scraps and clean lawn debris to drop off at our FREE Residential Food Scraps bins, located across from our “compost bar.” Who knows, maybe the next batch of compost you pick up from us will contain nutrients from that apple core you dropped off last year!

We accept the following types of organic waste from you:COMPOSTING_SERVICES_DROP_OFF

  • Grow Acceptable Materials: vegetables, meats, dairy, oils, coffee, and prepared foods
  • Farm Residuals: manures, hay, silage
  • Lawn Waste: clean leaves and chipped wood

 Group and School Composting

We collect food scraps from a number of schools as well as provide tours of our composting operations to help students learn about the food cycle. Taking students on a field trip to Grow Compost provides a hands on learning experience about how food scraps are transformed into soils that are used to grow more food! 

Are you part of a group that creates organic waste? Let’s work together on diverting those scraps and harnessing the energy and nutrients within.

Tours and Workshops

Educating children and adults alike about the importance and benefits of composting is an important part of our mission. Come tour our operations and see what goes into making the best compost around. We also host educational workshops around composting and gardening.

Composting at special events

Looking to set up a food scrap program at your special event? Contact us to see if our food scrap hauling program can work for your event.

Contact Lisa for more information about school composting, tours, or special events at 802-882-8154