The content that follows was originally published on the Grow Compost of Vermont website at http://www.growcompost.com/about/

On a humble farm in Moretown, Vermont, Lisa, Scott, and their three kids were raising a small flock of sheep, a coop full of chickens and a few random ducks.

The gardens always seemed to need more organic matter. Scott grew up building and promoting healthy soils, so he began to make loads and loads of perfectly blended and screened compost. Lisa was happy. The gardens were happy.  So they decided to share their passion for healthy, living soils with the community–in what we now call Grow Compost of Vermont!

Today, the farm at Grow Compost of Vermont is a space dedicated to nurturing microbial life and creating healthy soils. We work to connect people with the food cycle in their community – collecting food scraps, feeding animals, making soil.

Organic materials come together at the Grow Farm to create a nutrient-rich living soil, continuing the cycle of life from sprout to harvest to compost and back.